Contract Cleaning Services in London

In this vitally important, fast-moving sector, the FK Services Group is committed to bringing its high levels of service to a large variety of clients.

The FK Services Group is a premier provider of contract cleaning services in London and surrounding cities and we have been helping businesses and organisation for over 16 years to manage their cleaning provision.

We have established a reputation for excellence in both service-delivery and account management and we are proud to bring our long-established commitment to the transport sector.

We have developed a service provision for all aspects of the British transportation industry and our provision will typically include the following:


Britain’s dynamic aviation sector demands excellence and at FK Services Group we know that only the best cleaning provision will meet the demands of this vitally important sector. Both airports and aircraft need exacting standards of cleaning and we are able to offer a tailored package of services at cost-effective levels.

Bus and coach

A massively important sector for the transportation of the general public, we recognise the importance of providing a service of minimal disruption and maximum service. Customers expect a clean and hygienic service and we are committed to providing the highest quality of service.


The vital network of rail transport is essential for the economy of Britain and the quality of our service reflects the importance of this service. Our commitment to providing cost-effective, efficient cleaning services is essential to this sector and we will work with rail companies to devise specifically arranged cleaning package.

Our commitment to the transport sector is paramount, however large or small a client maybe. If you would like to discuss our transport service provision, please call us 020 3909 7648 to arrange a consultation.